13 December 2013
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Couple Hugging

When you first met one another, it was like the fourth of July.  The fireworks were going off inside both of you.  You were so attracted to each other.  He thought you were the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on. She thought you were the most handsome man on the face of this earth.  On your first date he brought you roses, opened the doors for you, held your hand, and gave you many gifts.  He was the perfect gentleman. The two of you had so much in common.  It almost seemed too good to be true.  Eventually the two of you became married.  This marriage seemed to be the most beautiful union ever.  It seemed like the two of you were always entertaining each other. It was always something fresh happening such as; catching a movie, going for a walk on the beach shore, vacations, picnics in the park, or just a nice cozy evening at home by the fire.  After a few years into the marriage you noticed that things were not the same.  You don’t even look at each other the same.  The both of you have become so busy with you personal lives.  She is busy caring for the children while he is deeply indulged into his career.  After work, he comes home and eats, then sleeps; barely noticing his wife.  The times you two use to spend with one another does not exist anymore.  The marriage has gone from beautiful to ugly in a matter of years. Does this sound like your marriage or relationship?

If so, maybe it is time to spice things it up.  It seems that the two of you have begun to take life and your marriage for granted.  You have taken for granted the love which you both shared when you first met, would always be there.  Well I have news for you…  That love is still there.  Only it has not been maintained!  Those very things you use to do when you first met, are the very things that will help maintain your marriage.  Bring back the date nights.  Where are the roses?  What about a romantic picnic at the park? Hey men. Don’t forget the doors.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Little things do mean a lot!  Get back to dating!  It may save your marriage.

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3 responses on “Little Things Mean a Lot

  1. Yes, the simple things to me matter the most and mean the most.

  2. Kavita says:

    I completely agree with you Tim. People get comfortable in their relationships after some time and begin to let go. My husband and I try our best to have a date night every week to reconnect from our busy life.

  3. Great article Timothy! I completely agree that maintenance is key in a relationship (regardless if you’re dating, engaged or married). One simple thing that I enjoy about my husband is him ordering food for me at a restaurant. When I say order, he would ask what I would like and transfer my request to the wait staff. I find this simplistic act romantic and shows that he is listening, even if it was food. Plus, the opening of the doors is a big hit too!

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