2 March 2014
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I remember growing up with five brother and three sisters.  We lived in a four bedroom home in a little country town of North Carolina.  My father worked from sun up till sun down to provide for us.  My mother was a home-maker.  Yes, she made the home what it was.  Although she did not work in the corporate world, she worked constantly around the clock caring and praying for us daily.  My siblings and I never “missed a beat.”  We always had food to eat, clothes to wear, transportation, and a home to live in.  Don’t get me wrong; we had our struggles too. Sometimes we would hear our parents discussing and sometimes arguing about how we were going to make it.  If someone asked me today, how we made it, I would have a one word answer. God! It was nobody but God!  You see my parents were believers of faith.  They just believed if they put their trust in God, everything would be alright.  We sometimes thought our mother was crazy. She would always be praying.  She would pray in the morning, at noon, and through the night. Of course this was not literally but it was often.  She prayed without ceasing.  She prayed that God’s will be done in her marriage and with our family.  I must admit that we all turned out okay. Five out of nine of us made it through college. Most of us got married and raised families. But the greatest miracle was that we all are born again Christians. What am I trying to say?  I am trying to say that no matter how tough your life gets. No matter how tough the struggle in your marriage, with your family or on your job gets.  You can always come out on top. If we can learn to include God in every aspect of our life, though it may look dim and dark at times, we can be victorious.  Make your mind up today that you will give Christ a chance to walk with you through your tough times. If you get involved in His life, He will get more involved in yours. You and your family’s effort plus God’s involvement equals winning! You will never know until you try…

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  1. A few months ago I took someone to my church, this person had not been to church in almost 9 years. From that day this person has told me that by me taking them to church, they have a new outlook on life and church and that their faith had increased. This person also told me that they had prayed for something and received it and they now pray daily.

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