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23 March 2015
Spiritual Growth
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Instant Gratification - Death of Patience“Patience is a virtue.” – from the poem Piers Plowman by William Langland (14th century).

We live in a generation where we expect everything on our time, right here and now.  If we are hungry, we can pull through a drive thru lane instead of taking time to cook a family meal.  If we are thirsty, there is an abundance of water bottles available for $2 at the convenience store.  If we want to hear from our loved ones, we Facebook, call and text them whenever we want and wherever we are.  What happened to letting things happen according to God’s time?

I remind my clients periodically of the quote above and to let go and let God do his work in them.  Most of them roll their eyes and say “I want it now!”  The thing is, maybe we’re not ready for what he has to offer us yet… maybe we are not prepared enough… maybe we are not strong enough.  Having patience (along with faith) you will find the right doors will open for you, the right people will enter into your life and you will have more successes with waiting than by force.  Take time today to breath and enjoy your present surroundings.  Enjoy the few seconds that we have of peace and quietness.  Talk to God and listen to what he has right here and now for you.  Tomorrow will come, new choices will be made, and life will continue.  Don’t force your will on life, let God create the path for you and enjoy the walk.

Remain blessed my family and friends.

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2 responses on “Instant Gratification – Death of Patience

  1. LeeAnn Nichols says:

    Yes! This is our daily challenge. I took a walk today and tried to focus on listening to God and giving thanks for the beauty around me..

  2. Vernesa Perry says:

    Wow!! This is so true. Too many times we try to “help” God out because He is not fast enough for us and the result is always failure. Without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). We have to slow down and enjoy today because we are not promised tomorrow!

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