25 February 2014
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When God created us, He gave us the ability to choose.  He could have designed us to act, react and interact according to how He wanted us to. However, he thought it might be best to give us options and choices.  Remember Adam and Eve? God placed them in this world and gave them access to every good thing that a man or woman could ever want.  They had it all!  There was only one condition. God told them they are not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2:17).  Most of us know the rest of the story. Adam and Eve made a decision to do exactly what they were told not to do.  That is how we are today.  Have you ever been told not to do something and ended up doing that very thing you were told not to do?  Why do we as human beings behave in such a manner?  We can knowingly have the best things in life and still make the decision to want more or want something else.  For example; we know that we have the most handsome, gentle, and loving husband or the most sexy, beautiful and exciting wife;  but yet some of us still choose to either trade him or her in or choose to have another lover on the side. Why do we make these decisions? Psychology Today states that our decisions are influenced by our emotional states and our social world.  Sometimes these influences are so powerful that we become prey to it pressures and give in to a bad decision. On the other hand, we sometimes just make bad decisions due to our temptations and lustful desires.  How can we get a grip on our decision-making process? Here are some tips from Psychology Today:

·      Don’t make knee-jerk decisions: Give yourself time to reflect on your decisions before you commit to them.

·      Don’t let your emotions make your decisions: The more distance you can create between your emotions and your decisions, the easier it will be for your pre-frontal cortex to “get in the game.”

·       Look at your decisions from many perspectives: The more information you have, the more you will engage your pre-frontal cortex and the more reasoned your decisions will be.

·       Talk to other people about your decisions: People, who know you well can identify your biases, offer helpful viewpoints, and reality test your decisions.

Realize that yes; you will always make some bad decisions in life. However, if we think before we do… most of our decisions will be beneficial to not only us but those around us. Think it out and make the right decision!

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One response on “I Need to Make a Decision!

  1. Impulse control! The grass is not always greener on the other side… if it is always green, then it is fertilized (we all know what fertilizer is made from, right?)! Thinking it through, weighing pros vs. cons and possible consequences (whether good or bad) is vital in making decisions. Our lives are full of choices and we just have to live with what we choose. If you dislike a choice you’ve made in the past, choose another the next time you are faced with a similar situation. I love choices… it is one of our true freedoms!

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