17 July 2014
Self Improvement
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During a conversation I had this week with one of my sisters, we began to discuss a conversation my husband and I had a day or so before. The topic of conversation me and my list of Things Not to Do!!! Of course, she took my husband’s stance on this matter and basically called me a chicken… A CHICKEN…wt??? I do not think my list not to do’s is extremely unreasonable. Some chose danger, I chose life. I do not have to desire to take unnecessary risk with my life. Nevertheless, I listened to both of them basically say that I was afraid to live and not scared of dying. Wow, this got me thinking…so I told them to come up with a list of things they know I would absolutely never ever do in a billion years and I would complete some of the task given before the end of the year. My one stipulation, in any form or fashion could snakes be involved!!! That being said they both gave me their To Do List for me…yikes!!! My goal is to complete at least one task a month rotating lists. Some things on my lists are: Snorkeling, Helicopter Ride, Hang Gliding, Zip Lining, Pole Dancing, Salsa Dancing, Parasailing, Mountain Climbing, Horseback Riding, Obstacle Course and River Rafting are a few. Yes, I am accepting the challenge and stepping out of my comfort zone just a wee bit. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!!!

How fitting…..While surfing the web I came across this article written by Yasha Wallin:

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Do one thing everyday that scares you.” The idea being the more we take ourselves out of our comfort zones—our little bubbles—the more we will experience life, community, the unexpected. Confront your fears: speak up, talk to a stranger, take a dance class, ask for someone’s phone number, climb a mountain, learn to surf, begin writing that novel, go to a party alone, tell someone you love them. Let’s all take the challenge!!!

Who’s with me?

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2 responses on “I Double Dare You!!!

  1. Melissa Walker says:

    Can I be there for the pole dancing??

  2. You are bold! I admit though, it is tough to sometimes get out your comfort zone.

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