31 January 2014
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Can we talk about church?  Do we have to be there all the time?  When I was a child I can remember going to church quite often.  My parents practically lived at the church.  Every Sunday it was church. Two or three times a week it was church.  I felt like I never had any time for myself.  My friends would always be having fun at the mall, the gym, the movies, etc. Where was I?  I was in the church!  Does this sound like your family?  Maybe you are married to someone who is a Pastor and he or she has made “church” the number one priority in your life.  If this relates to you, I have good news for you.  When we become Christians, we must realize that it is then at that moment that we become “the church.”  We do not have to be in a physical building that is called a church to express our love for Christ.  We can express His love everywhere we go; starting in our homes.  God is for families.  He honors marriages.  And yes, He also encourages church… but there is a priority.  The priority should be God, family, THEN church. Take the pressure off yourself.  Ease the tension within your marriage.  It is okay to take a Sunday or two off and relax with your family.  If most people would put as much energy into their relationships and families as they do their church or ministry, we would probably have less divorces and or broken families. This is not an attack on church. It is just correction for those in the church.  Remember the priority and save your family from the tradition of “church.”

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  1. I was too, one of the ones who went to church almost everyday. On Sundays it would be an all day event, from 8-3 and sometime a evening service. By the time I was of age I was all church-ed out. Nowadays I do take time from Sunday if need be and spend it with family and friends.

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