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6 December 2013
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Family traditions help tie families together through the years. Many families have traditions around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it is a good idea to have family traditions throughout the year as well. Traditions give family members a sense of unity, inclusiveness, and continuity.

Some traditions you might adopt in your own family could include:

*A nightly ritual that could include a book, scripture, song, or prayer.

* A weekly family dinner that is fancier than normal, maybe on Sundays.

* A birthday tradition where the birthday person has a special plate, meal, dessert, party, or activity.

* Annual celebrations for important events such as weddings, deaths (remembering the loved one in a positive way), or other things.

* A weekly family activity.

* A yearly family vacation.

* Or be creative and make up your own.

The important thing is that everyone enjoys it, it draws the family together, and ties the generations together.

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4 responses on “Family Traditions

  1. I totally agree. These traditions help mold who we are within our family unit and what we share with others. It also helps mold our children.

  2. Traditions does bring families together. I remember years ago at my grandmother’s house we would have a fourth of July celebration all day long. Relatives would come from as far as California to visit and take part in the fourth of July festivity, which would be a morning parade, then visit with family and friends, men would be in the backyard barbecuing and the women in the kitchen fixing the sides and desserts.

  3. Tim Cox says:

    I believe that most family traditions are wonderful to have. Some family traditions acts as the main link that holds the family together. If it wasn’t for some of the family traditions, most families will never unite or reunite.

  4. I agree completely, that family traditions should be an everyday thing and not just on holidays. My husband and I have a tradtion of movie night on Fridays and date nights every Saturday. It is extremely important to connect with your loved ones.

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