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28 August 2014
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God has blessed me to have such an awesome family.  Just to think about the many blessings he has bestowed upon us is actually overwhelming sometimes.  From the time that my girls were babies up to now, I have to admit that I have enjoyed being a family man.  We are always doing something together. It doesn’t have to be “BIG” all the time. To admit, most time we are doing little things such as; riding around site-seeing (some call it; being nosey), going to the mall, getting a bite to eat, sitting outside enjoying the night air, catching a movie, or just sitting at home getting on each others nerves. Oh yes; we do that very well.  Life was designed by God in that we would first have a relationship with him (Faith) and then build a relationship with our (Family) and others (Friends).  While we are developing these relationships we make it our business to have (FUN)!  There is nothing like a family that first loves God, then is willing to go all out having fun while sharing their lives with others.  For those of you that have families; you should cherish it. For their are many individuals who go through life looking for the family oriented lifestyle and never find it. I am constantly praying for these individuals that God will somehow fulfill their emptiness.  But for you all that have families; find time to have fun together.  Stop spending all your time alone doing what you want to do as if you are single. Stop let things such as your job, people, bills, or even yourself hinder you from spending good quality time with your family.  You only live once.  Because we have no idea what turns life may take, it would be wise to start investing good quality time in your family.  That’s right; Faith, Family, Friends & Fun!!! What a wonderful combination.  Get on board and start living the life!

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2 responses on “Faith, Family, Friends & Fun

  1. Vernesa Perry says:

    Very well put! And like you said it does not have to be something big. You do not have to spend money to spend quality time with your family.

  2. Rhonessia Johnson, LMFT-A says:

    I miss not having my family in the area. Am I too old to be adopted by the Cox family? Ask your wife if she wants another kid. Lol. And I promise, I won’t even ask for money! 🙂

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