24 June 2015
Self Worth
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The F.E.A.R. acronym that I grew up to was Fudge Everything and Run (non-explicit version).  It was plain and simple… run and hide from anything that was hard and possibly life transforming.  After all, I was comfortable in my bubble of no hurt or pain.  Was I being realistic though?  Of course not!  Who can run away from everything in life?  Sooner or later I was to experience something unpleasant, whether it was a failing grade in school or a harsh break-up.  I had to pick myself up and move forward somehow.  I can’t run from every problem and neither can you.  These problems or obstacles (as I now like to view them) that we encounter are just another way of God showing that he would not give us more than what we can’t handle.  We are meant to rise and overcome any hurt, pain and/or FEAR.  After all, we are HIS great people!

A colleague of mine provided me with two new F.E.A.R. acronyms which I now use.  The first one is commonly used in a 12 step program: Face Everything and Recover.  This acronym represents the strength that each of us have in overcoming and recovering from addiction.  Practically when you work the 12 step program, you place everything – negatives and positives – on the table for review.  Realizing you have an addiction is the number one step and the last step is when you practice what you have learned via the steps in your daily affairs.  Everyone is able to recover, as long as they are willing to face their fear.

The other F.E.A.R. acronym is: Future Events Appearing Real.  Have you ever stopped yourself from placing a phone call or greeting someone because you all ready KNEW what would happen?  For example, I may avoid placing a phone call to my sister, because I all ready know what she will say and how she will react to some news.  So, I might tell myself “why even bother placing that phone call”.  When we mind-read how others are going to react, think or feel, we have all ready stopped ourselves from acting upon what we need or want.  The point of this FEAR is all ready predicting what is going to happen to the unknown.  Sounds crazy, right?  However, it is not uncommon for us to create future events in our mind on how others will react.  When we let go of the “what if’s” we can surpass our fear and be present.  Being present with what is here and now.

So, in the end FEAR is just a coverup that the Devil places upon us to avoid some amazing outcomes.  Unveil your fear and know that you are covered and taken care of by God.  Walk through the fear and be amazed at the blessings that are shone upon you.  Be blessed!

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