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19 May 2015
Spiritual Growth
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Disconnect to Reconnect

Do you find yourself scrolling constantly updated pinned interests, crushing gummies and stalking individuals via their feed?  If so, you may be addicted to just a few phone apps: Pinterest, Candy Crush and Facebook.  I know I was.  I would find myself hours upon hours numbed out on my phone.  Gosh forbid if I ran out of battery juice too.. I would even play standing up as my phone was charged with the wall outlet.  I needed to break my addiction of playing with my phone apps, so I took the drastic step of going cold turkey.

Yesterday, I removed my Scrabble, Candy Crush, Yahoo and Trivia Crack apps off my phone.  I even temporarily deactivated my personal Facebook account.  Who knows when I plan to activate it, but I decided enough was enough.  I have been on Facebook since 2004… that is 11 years!  I remember when the website was only available for certain colleges/universities… that’s how long I’ve had it.  Within the past 24 hours, my phone has been at its quietest and has kept 65% of its battery life throughout a 13 hour period.  A few times I would swipe my phone apps from page to page and remember I don’t have the app anymore.  I can say right now, at this time, I am experiencing few withdrawals.  If anything, I’m experiencing more peace.

So, why did I decide to disconnect from what has become to be known as life to some?  Well, here’s my last post on Facebook from my personal account to sum it up in a few sentences:

Family and friends,

I have come to realize that I spend too much time on my phone.  I feel as if I have been distracted by time-wasting activities.  I plan to deactivate Facebook, Candy Crush, Scrabble and any other nonsense apps on my phone.  I know to some of you, this action may be absurd.  However, I feel disconnected from true opportunities of achieving peace.  I plan to spend my time more in prayer, being present with my wonderful husband and dogs, enjoying actual books and quiet time.  I love each and every one of you and I look forward to catching up by phone calls or text messages.


Kristy Andrews

My purpose is simple: I am learning to disconnect to reconnect with my soul purpose… being closer to God.  Are you making time to disconnect from distractions to reconnect with God?  If so, how are you doing it?

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One response on “Disconnect to Reconnect

  1. Vernesa Perry says:

    Awesome post!! We all need to disconnect to reconnect in some area of our lives! I could definitely stay off of Facebook more.

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