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22 September 2015
Spiritual Growth
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Count Your BlessingsI was really elated when I filled up earlier this week for gas.  Yay for $1.73/gallon!!  That’s right, Kroger’s card is an ultimate life saver (at least in a worldly sense).  As I was pumping my gas, which ended up totaling to less than $17.00, I began to think how grateful I was to receive such an awesome deal.  Then my mind began to wonder…

What else am I grateful for??

I started to list off how blessed I was to own my car.  My car is a 2010 Toyota Prius and it provides me a safe trip from point A to point B — it fits my needs perfectly.  I am blessed to have a job (really, two jobs) that can provide the financial income to allow me to own this car.  I am blessed that I have employers that believe in my skills and work ethics.  I am blessed to have a career path, which was allowed via my education – both bachelors and masters.  I am fortunate to grow up in a family that encouraged me to attend school, in order to better my future.  I am grateful to have grown up in a family that was nurturing to my needs.  I am blessed to be alive by my Father – the One who believed in me at the time of my conception, up until now.  I know I am truly blessed to be a child of God and He has great plans for me.

Yes, tangential thinking, but when you notice one blessing, you began to count all the other blessings that led up to the point of your current blessing.  So, have you counted your blessings today?

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2 responses on “Count Your Blessings

  1. How true Kristy. We often over look the small Blessings…….I truly have a lot to be thankful for. Your blog will make me think about my everyday Blessings!!!

  2. Veronica Swink says:

    Great Reminder! We can concentrate on all the “BIG” things not going right we forget the daily everyday blessings. Blessing today: much needed pedicure which I can afford to do because of the job I have been blessed with and love to do!

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