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6 October 2015
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Many people believe that counseling is a quick fix. Although counseling has taken strides in the science and mental health community it is still worlds behind the other sciences. I have learned that when education people on the importance of counseling and advice. So many people come to counseling with a ‘fix me’ attitude. As counselors we are not in a position to ‘fix’ people. When giving advice you give a person a solution to a problem. The problem with advice is that people expect you to take full responsibility when things go wrong. As counselors, we serve as an educated sounding board equipped with skills to share with clients to help towards better coping and happier living. An unhealthy mental state is similar to obesity. In many cases it did not happen overnight and cannot be fixed overnight either. It is important that people understand that counseling is built on a relationship between client and counselor and just as in any other relationship, there is work to be done. I like to view counseling as an herbal remedy. It does not require any pharmaceuticals and it works over a period of time. In counseling we do not give advice as an end all be all, but rather guide clients towards conclusion that they may have overlooked on their own. Counseling is an outlet for an individual by a neutral person to work toward a healthier mental state.

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Maxi Malone, LPC Intern

Maxi is a native Texan with roots from Louisiana. She is a devout Christian and active in both her church and her function as treasure in her chapter of Delta Psi Epsilon Christian Sorority.

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