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5 July 2014
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Is Losing Weight Good for Your Mental Health?

Is Losing Weight Good for Your Mental Health? Well, the answer is IT DEPENDS. Exercising is good for your mental health. Setting and attaining goals is good for your mental health. Eating healthfully (a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables–NOT the latest fad diet or crash dieting) is good for your mental […]

26 June 2014
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Never Use…

I received this from by BFF who received it in a newsletter. It made me think how many times have I used those 7 “Never Use” words in my life and how many times I’ve sabotaged myself with my own words. Hmm I remember just saying to my close friends the other “someday I want […]

12 June 2014
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What Drains Your Energy?

I don’t know about you but during the course of the week I find myself drained by the middle of the week.  I started to think Hmm what bad habits am I doing that cause my energy to be sapped out of me like a vacuum.  Well I can confirm about 2-3 of the bad […]

8 June 2014
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Western vs. Alternative Medicine

Back in 2004 I noticed a lump on the right side of my neck that I’d never seen before.  I was worried and didn’t want my mind to wonder at what it could possibly be so I made an appointment with my primary care physician.  After meeting with my PCP completing blood work and getting […]

6 June 2014
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Pornography! It’s All Around Us

Pornography often abbreviated as “porn” “porno” is defined as the explicit portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexual arousal.  Today pornography is everywhere on the TV, internet, magazines, billboards, and social media sites. As a child growing up in a Christian home I myself have been exposed to pornography at a time in […]

27 May 2014
Self Improvement
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What Memorial Day Means!!!

  For the past week I have been hearing on the radio how Memorial Day weekend officially kicks off summer. Basically a three day weekend leading to summer. Technically, summer doesn’t start until the end of June (the 21st I believe). I can understand why many people consider Memorial Day to be the unofficial start […]

19 May 2014
Self Improvement
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Who Are You?

Have you ever asked yourself this question. Who Am I? What do I have to offer? These questions were asked today in morning worship service at my church.  Matthew 5:13 says ” You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses it’s flavor, how shall it be seasoned?”  As believers in Jesus […]

13 May 2014
Self Improvement
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Stress Management Tips!!!

Recently I discussed how stress effects a person both physically as well as emotionally. Inevitably we all deal with some form of stressors on a daily basis. It walks in and out of our lives on a regular basis. And it can easily walk all over us unless we take action. Fortunately, there are many […]

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