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3 November 2013
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Switching from Negative to Positive Self-Talk

Self-talk is the inner voice in your mind that talks to you. Your internal voice can determine how you identify in each situation; it consists of conscious thoughts in addition to subconscious thoughts and viewpoints. Some self-talk can be reasonable, for example, ‘I need to cook dinner’, ‘I need to study’, ‘Today is Tuesday’. On […]

2 November 2013
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Professional Counseling or Pastoral Counseling

Do you need to see your Pastor or a Professional? Choosing the right counselor can sometimes be a tough decision. You may find yourself “stuck between a rock and a hard place” when it comes to choosing what kind of counselor you think would be best for your situation. Many times when we have problems that […]

National Domestic Violence Month 2013

Today is the last day of October National Domestic Violence Awareness month.  What is considered domestic violence?  The National Domestic Violence Hotline describes domestic violence as a “pattern of behavior in any relationship that is used to gain or maintain power and control over an intimate partner”.   Whether it is sexual, emotional, verbal or physical […]

3 Types of Attachment in Marriage – Ingredients of a Healthy Marriage – Part I

Attachment According to Karyn Ellis secure attachment starts at birth and impacts how the child will develop and socialize with others outside of those first attachment relationships. Secure attachment relationships create the sense of belonging, healthy dependency, security and stability that allows the individual to be independent. How the caregiver interacts with the child, meets […]

You’re a Witch (clean version) – Chapter 1 of “Why You’re Not Married Yet”

I recently read this book called  “Why You’re Not Married Yet – The Straight Talk You Need to Get the Relationship You Deserve” by Tracy McMillan.  I’m all about sharing information and improving marriage.  So if I can help some folks before they married, I can maybe help some future marriages down the road.  (The […]

Why You’re Not Married Quiz

WHY YOU’RE NOT MARRIED QUIZ I meet several women (and men) who aren’t married yet and wonder why.  It may be that you haven’t met the right person or that you haven’t evolved into the right person.  Recently ran across a book called “Why You’re Not Married Yet – The Straight Talk You Need to […]

Rituals in Marriage: Why They Are Important for Your Marriage

Before anyone thinks I’m losing it let me start out by giving a definition of rituals (no chicken feathers on an altar!). Rituals in marriage are the things that happen often, are planned together and special mostly to you and your spouse.  They may happen every year or they may happen every day.  Because they […]

Online Scheduling Now Available

Visit our page and now schedule your own appointments.  All new clients must speak with the counselor before your appointment is confirmed.  Returning clients with new payment or insurance information must speak with a counselor as well.  

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