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10 November 2014
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How can I be sure?

Why are we getting married? How are we going to divide up the household chores? Does religion play an important part in your life? Do you think faith and spirituality are important in a marriage? What is your image of God? Finances: Are you a saver or spender when it comes to money? How much […]

11 February 2014
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Why Should We Get Pre-Marital Counseling?

This past Friday, I attended the wedding of two good friends. These two friends had been dating for two years, were engaged after a year and a half of dating, and had originally planned for a long engagement while the bride finished her bachelor’s degree. The couple had entered into their engagement with the intention […]

30 January 2014
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Top 5 Questions to Ask BEFORE You Say I Do

After what was hopefully at least a 2-year courtship, you now find yourself engaged. You’re excited and nervous as the big day approaches. You think you’ve got all the important questions asked and answered. Are the guests seated properly? Did we give the florist a deposit? Are all the relatives travel and lodging arrangements finalized? Has everything […]

9 December 2013
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Will We Have a Good Marriage?

According to Thomas Holman’s research predicting marital success, there are four broad premarital predictors of marital quality and stability.  They are: Family Background * Contributes to a high level of marital satisfaction if both spouses come from emotionally healthy families. * The opposite is true if both spouses come from emotionally unhealthy families. * For […]

What We Want vs. What We Need

What We Want versus What We Need? In an ideal world we would satisfy our search for a significant other, with someone who fulfills all of our wants and needs. This would be our Mr. or Ms. Right.  Does such a person exist? Are our standards set to high that no one will ever be […]

You’re a Witch (clean version) – Chapter 1 of “Why You’re Not Married Yet”

I recently read this book called  “Why You’re Not Married Yet – The Straight Talk You Need to Get the Relationship You Deserve” by Tracy McMillan.  I’m all about sharing information and improving marriage.  So if I can help some folks before they married, I can maybe help some future marriages down the road.  (The […]

Why You’re Not Married Quiz

WHY YOU’RE NOT MARRIED QUIZ I meet several women (and men) who aren’t married yet and wonder why.  It may be that you haven’t met the right person or that you haven’t evolved into the right person.  Recently ran across a book called “Why You’re Not Married Yet – The Straight Talk You Need to […]

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