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18 November 2013
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Throughout history we have seen and heard of people changing the way people think, feel and act. This past weekend I saw a stage play titled, “Can a Woman Change a Man.” I hate to tell all, but Saturday was the last day to see it so I do not feel guilty about telling some parts of the play. The play was about a family and their close friends and their problems, and them dealing with their problems. One woman (main character) was cheating on her husband with his brother and his lawyer, and was pregnant by the brother. Also this woman was trying to swindle all of the husband’s money for herself and move away.

The question I have is the title of the play, “Can a Woman Change a Man?” My answer to the question is yes she can change him. Whether it is through a good/bad marriage, lies, infidelity or divorce, he will be a changed man. Each day we all experience some type of change, some you are in agreement with and some you are wondering why you. Change is good no matter what it is, it is the things you go through that helps build your character, mind, spirit and your way of living.

What’s your response to the question, “Can a Woman Change a Man?”

Latrina Majors

LaTrina graduated in 2009 from American InterContinental University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a concentration in forensics. In 2011 she earned her Masters of Arts degree in Forensic Psychology, as well as a certificate in Applied Forensics from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

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3 responses on “Can a Woman Change a Man?

  1. Christina says:

    I agree, even unpleasant change can have the ability to mold you into a stronger, wise, and more resilient person.

  2. NeCee M. Palmer says:

    I think we as a people are always evolving and therefore changing. Some changes for the better and some not so much. I don’t know per se that someone changes you, more so than the experiences one goes through by themselves or with someone else bringing about change.

  3. Melissa Walker says:

    This is interesting. I agree we are all are influenced and influencing everyone around us. Unfortunately, we can’t always choose the change!!

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