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22 February 2014
Self Improvement
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secretofhappiness3If you read last week’s blog article regarding the Happiness Secret, Steven K. Scott, author of The Richest Man Who Ever Lived: King Solomon’s Secrets to Success, Wealth, and Happiness, pointed out five barriers that prevent us from being truly happy. This week, we will look at four ways to overcome these barriers and achieve personal happiness! Steven K. Scott has summarized Solomon’s advice from the book of Proverbs into these simple advises:

Develop a grateful heart. What are you grateful for? By simply writing down each day what you are grateful for can increase happiness. Such examples can be: I am grateful to have family and friends available to talk… I am grateful for this cool weather… I am grateful to be financially independent.

Eliminate your sense of entitlement. Steven K. Scott says it best with this: “A false sense of entitlement in ANY area of your life is an enemy that will keep you bound to unhappiness.” Let go of the unrealistic expectations of others (family, friends, coworkers, school, government, etc.) and thus you will free yourself. Not only do you increase your happiness by doing so, you also will gain an increased ability to love and respect others unconditionally.

Root out the weeds of envy. Do not envy others. There are three important facts to remember:

1. You can not walk in another person’s shoes, so do not judge. 

2. Upon exiting the world, all materialistic items stay behind.

3. Death can happen to anyone, at anytime.

When you feel envious of another individual’s belongings, realign your focus on people and things that you are grateful for in the present moment.

Start living wisely. Wisdom involves action. As Steven K. Scott states, “wisdom is the effective application of truth to your daily behavior.” Share your wisdom with others that seek it. Wisdom does not always come with age, but instead with life experiences.

To further develop upon your happiness secret, create a grateful list of all the things you are grateful for. Add to the list throughout the days, months and even years. Review the list periodically as a reminder of what makes you happy. What would be first on your grateful list? Do you find it easy or hard to come up with a list of gratitude?

In the words of Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty: “Happy, happy, happy”

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