Adult Children of Divorced Parents


Divorce. The word alone is considered taboo in the American culture; nobody wants to hear it, see it or experience it, but divorce has been prevalent since the 1980s. Just recently has the divorce rate dropped from 50% to 40% with a prediction of a lower percentage in the future (“Divorce Rates in 2013”, 2013). Until then, we have to face it: Divorce is real.

As a daughter of recently divorced parents (as of August 2013), I continue to face the reality that my parents are no longer a couple. I now consider myself belonging to the staggering statistics of failed parental marriages; I am not alone in this group. Numerous others are in the same pool and I have noticed two types of thinking that occurs: 1. I will never get married, because it only ends in divorce anyhow or 2. I am going to marry and prove to my parents (and myself) that marriage can last forever. Both of these thoughts sound great, but how beneficial are they?

4 thoughts on “Adult Children of Divorced Parents

  1. Thank you Kristy for sharing your story. Marriage is about love and oneness. I remember watching this movie called “Catch me if you can.” This movie stars actor Leo DiCaprio and he played a teen of divorced parents. This movie character was so traumatized by his parents divorce and he went to great lengths by committing crimes to gain wealth so that his mom would reconcile with his father. It’s a great movie into how divorce can impact children.

  2. This blog helped me realize that as common as divorce becomes, it is still important to consider the impact it has on the children. Because of this, I think how parents handle a divorce is a crucial factor in determining how their children will view marriage. If parents are able to respect one another and be strong for their child no matter what, than their child will probably have a much easier time processing the event and not being negatively affected by it. My aunt is actually divorced but my cousins are still eager to be in relationships and get married one day. I believe this is because of the messages that she has given her children about the importance of marriage and fighting for a healthy relationship.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your parents recent split. My parents are not legally divorced but are separated. I have seen how people can split up and still be respectful to each other and their children. My parents have done a pretty good job of this, and a friend of mine (with kids still at home) has done an exemplary job of this.

  4. Very interesting. I personally feel that marriage should be based on love and compassion for one another. You often hear of the issues regarding transtioning/ acceptance with children of divorced parents, it’s good to get insight on an adult’s perspective of divorced parents.

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