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21 February 2014
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No regrets quote

No regrets quote

So this is my final week in my journey to a no regrets life. While reading the book One Month to Live I have revisited the importance of living with passion, loving others, and learning from my experiences. This week my final principle to a no regrets life is “leave boldly”.

In reading this final section of the book the authors pose the question, “What type of legacy do you want to leave behind?” I am done rushing through life. Too often we are focused on working to live, striking it rich, or building a name for ourselves. But I ask myself, what good is any of this if it doesn’t benefit anyone? I want to leave a lasting legacy that centers on doing God’s will and blessing others.

It’s not only what we do in life that matters but why. It is important to examine the motivation behind your actions. Selfish motives will not build a legacy that lasts because it will not leave a meaningful impact on anyone. In studying these chapters I have remembered what is truly important to me- spending time with God, reading His word, enjoying my family and friends, doing things that build the kingdom of God….this is what matters.

So as I finish reading the book One Month to Live I recognize that the journey of living this has only just begun. On my wall I have hung up a sign to remind me of the principles of living a No Regrets Life daily. If you are feeling purposeless or just need to be reinvigorated with a passion for life I encourage you to pick up the book One Month to Live and begin your journey today.

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One response on “A No Regrets Life Principle 4: Leave Boldly

  1. How would I like to be remembered? I would want to be remembered for my love and passion towards humanity. Becoming a counselor is only part of leaving that memory, the other part is how I treat myself. In order to represent my love and passion outwardly, I need to treat myself the same. I hope by the time my end arrives I am completely satisfied with myself and how I’ve represented it to others. Cheers to thought provoking life principles!

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