Many people come in with issues dealing with boundaries.  Boundaries effect every aspect of our lives and often determine how other’s treat us.  Here are the Ten Laws of Boundaries according to Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend in their Boundaries Workbook:

  1. The Law of Sowing and Reaping (this law of cause and effect is a basic law of life)
  2. The Law of Responsibility (people react in various ways to a talk on boundaries and taking responsibility for their own lives)
  3. The Law of Power (am I powerless over my behavior, how can I become responsible, what do I have the power to do?)
  4. The Law of Respect (if we condemn others boundaries, we can expect them to condemn ours.)
  5. The Law of Motivation (what is the true motivation behind your boundaries?)
  6. The Law of Evaluation ( knowing the difference between hurting and harming someone)
  7. The Law of Proactivity (setting boundaries before interactions)
  8. The Law of Envy (a destructive sin that guarantees we will not get what we want and keeps us perpetually dissatisfied)
  9. The Law of Activity (many times we have boundary problems because we lack initiative)
  10. The Law of Exposure (your boundaries need to be made visible to others and communicated to them in relationships).

A real relationship means that I am in the light with my boundaries and other aspects of myself that are difficult to communicate.  The path to real love is communicating boundaries openly.

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Megan, a native of Kansas City, Kansas is an empty nest parent of three adult children Ayanna, Jonathan and Isiah. Megan is a Christian and active in ministry at her church Cornerstone Baptist Church, in Arlington, TX. She is currently a Doctoral student working toward a Ph.D. in Marriage & Family Therapy at Texas Wesleyan University. Her personal interests include independent film, music and marriage enrichment. Megan is the co-founder of the Minority Behavioral Health Provider Networking Group along with colleague Cynthia Thompson.

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